Personal Details

I am a coffee lover, avid contract bridge player, and a long time gamer. I also enjoy interesting discussions about current affairs, business and investing, and love to learn new things on my own time.

Took the path less travelled and majored in two totally irrelevant majors in industrial engineering and accountancy at National University of Singapore and stumbled down the rabbit hole of data science. Now I am just someone who really enjoys working with data, be it cleaning, analysing or modelling it.


Area of Interest

Have a look at the things I enjoy working on

Data Analytics

Deep diving into the data to get to the heart of the problem to solve them.

Operation Research

Using linear programming, system design, and simulation to best allocate resources.

Machine Learning

I am passionate in learning about models that is pushing the boundaries of ML.

Computer Vision

It is fascinating to me how computer can "see", and have been picking relevant skills.

Web Development

I enjoy working on web development, from frontend to backend.

Parallel Computing

HIVE, Hadoop, and Spark, Oh my!